We live in a highly technological world that is advancing at an unrelenting pace and where it seems possible that anything is within the reach of science. However, it has not always been like this. A mere one hundred years ago, the making of the first sound recording was considered a fantastic achievement.

These pages were conceived with the aim of preserving some of the knowledge that the passage of time has tended to erase, but without which the music industry would not be as we know it today. The main protagonists of this story are the Phonograph and the Gramophone, also known as Talking Machines.

Unlike other European countries, Spain at the turn of the last century did not have any firms producing gramophones with their own technology. This meant that all the motors and a large part of the mechanical components had to be imported from third countries (mainly Switzerland, England and France). Nevertheless, the history of the gramophone in Spain is dotted with small workshops in which craftsmen, using imported motors, were able to make gramophones of singular beauty. Unfortunately, we have little information about these small Spanish brands.  

The F. B. Collection is the result of a great deal of compilation and documentation work on our earliest history. Alongside the well-known Edison phonographs and other exceptional machines that marked the incipient world of the first sound recordings, the collection contains a large number of gramophones and radios, among which special mention should be made of the unique collection of machines manufactured in Spain. Gramophones such as the "Calophono" made by the Iberia company, of which we know of only one surviving example, constitute a heritage which must be preserved for the knowledge of future generations.

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